How much does a dollar buy?

You might not think that a dollar is worth much.

Well, you’re wrong. In the States, we can’t really buy a lot with a dollar, but that doesn’t mean you can’t anywhere else. Don’t believe us? Here are words from people around the world, telling you what they can buy for a dollar.

“Two and a Half Eggs Breakfast”- France

“A Carbs-Lover meal”- Saudi Arabia

“Headache Freedom”- Madagascar


“Night Dessert” – Indonesia

“School Supplies” – Nepal

“Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner”-Vietnam

“A Comic Book” – India

“A New Shirt” – Uganda

“A Patriotic Donut” – NYC

“7 or 50 liters of Gasoline” – Venezuela

“Can of Coke” – Mongolia

“Breakfast” – Turkey

“Pepsi and a Pair of Twiggies” – Malaysia

“Delicious Kuay Jub Noodle Soup” – Thailand

“Toilet Paper” – Denmark

“Dinner”- Sri Lanka



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